A number of blogs and critics reviewed Iredea during our Summer 2014 performances.  If you’d like to download a printable PDF with all the reviews click here:   iredea_10_reviews

IREDEA reviewed at the Ottawa Fringe Festival #ottfringe

“The trouble is that we don’t have vocabulary to define this it is so far out.” Alvina Ruprecht for Capital Critic’s Circle

“With the strength and control of their bodies, it was clear why they were the survivors; it was as though they could carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.” Carol Sinclair for New Ottawa Critics

“The show is further enhanced by some of the coolest props and costumes at the Fringe, from a gorgeously realized oversized space-jellyfish to an honest-to-gosh robot onstage.” Kevin Reid for the Visitorium

“Iredea is a visual feast.” Allan Mackey for On Stage Ottawa.


IREDEA reviewed at the Montreal St-Ambroise Fringe Festival #fringebuzz

Apt613 blog said “Iredea is captivating, easily accessible, and downright cool.”

full review at

DF Danse wrote “Rare de voir une pièce chorégraphique qui propose une histoire aussi dense et complexe que celle d’un livre ou d’un film de science-fiction.”  full review at

Danscussions blog said “For a Fringe show, Iredea is INSANELY professional looking. Everything about the production is great: great lights, great costumes, great props, great video, great music, great robots, and GREAT performers.” full review at

Charlebois Post said “Iredea is a bold, inventive and wild foray into the future – and a must-see for dance and sci-fi enthusiasts.” full review at

Montreal Rampage said “I can’t emphasize enough how fantastic and meaningful these dances are. I can’t even pick a single favorite…” review at

Bloody Underrated said “Woo Me Myth, creators behind FRINGE hit The Duck Wife, are a formidable group bringing work with a level of polish not often seen at the FRINGE.“ review at