Dog Grooming Gloves

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Our Dog Grooming Gloves will help remove loose hair and gently massage your pet at the same time!  These gloves work great for de-shedding and have a five finger design that is well suited for any type of cat or dog, whether long or short haired! Your pets hair will stick to the grooming gloves making for a quick and easy cleanup!

Key Features:

  • Comes in a Pair with two gloves per order
  • Soft Rubber that will ensure gentle grooming without causing any pain or discomfort to your furry friend
  • One size fits all; our Glove contains an adjustable Velcro strap that helps the glove fit perfectly to your hand 
  • Great for De-Shedding and hair removal for all sizes and breeds.
  • Removed hair will Stick to the Glove, making it easy to throw away when you are finished grooming


  • MaterialSilicone Glove
  • Model NumberDog Combs
  • Use ForFor Dog Cat Hair Comb, Bath Cleaning
  • Pet Glove Size 23 x 18cm
  • Glove weight 60g Approx
  • Color: Blue


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